Hong Fook Gala 2024

Illuminate minds: 2024 Gala for Mental Wellness.

With origins dating back to the early 20th century, mental health awareness gained momentum as societies recognized the importance of addressing psychological well-being. Evolving from historical stigmas, the modern mental health awareness movement aims to destigmatize mental illnesses and promote understanding. Today, advocacy, education, and open conversations play pivotal roles in fostering a supportive environment for individuals facing mental health challenges.

Embracing the historical journey of mental health awareness, the Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation is gearing up for a transformative gala in 2024. This event not only pays homage to the roots of the mental health awareness movement in the early 20th century but also reflects the contemporary commitment to destigmatizing mental health issues. Attendees can anticipate an evening of impact, advocacy, and unity, contributing to the foundation’s mission of fostering mental well-being in diverse communities.

2024 Hong Fook Gala

The 2024 Hong Fook Gala will be hosted on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa in Markham. While COVID-19 is no longer deemed a global health emergency, the significance and urgency of taking care of our mental health persists. In particular, our youth have been at higher risk of experiencing poor mental health (compared to other age groups) during and post the pandemic. 1/2of Ontario parents report having ever had concerns about their child’s level of anxiety.

Hong Fook has been responding to the mental health crisis by providing evidence-based, culturally competent care. And it’s more than just about language – it’s about the deeper cultural connection that allows a person to be fully seen and understood. This year, Hong Fook anticipates serving 4,000 individuals over a total of 35,000 visits. Your contribution to our annual Gala enhances our capacity to provide essential support to our community and foster hope for future generations.

Embark on a journey of compassion—reserve your gala seat!

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Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation
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Hilton Toronto
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