Horse Tour Helps Vic Ride Out Fire Tragedy 2009: Nikita Watts

Horse tour helps vic ride out fire tragedy

Nikita Watts 13th February 2009 CHARITY RIDE: Mel Irwin (right) and Aleisha Priddle are leaving quiet rural roads behind for a ride through
Rockhampton raising money for victims of the Victorian bushfires. MEL Irwin can’t stop thinking about her Victorian friends, who live in one of the areas worst hit by bushfires. They are from the Kinglake area, which has been described as being completely wiped out. &euro&oeligI am absolutely devastated about the bushfires,&euro the Rockhampton woman said yesterday. &euro&oeligI grew up in north-eastern Victoria and I still have friends and family down there.&euro
Knowing someone who has been affected by the fires is one of the main reasons Mel has rounded up her friends and organised a charity event that will see them riding horses through the streets of Rockhampton.

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