Housing Works To Help The Needy 2009: Surprise Charity

Housing Works to help the needy

So it might surprise you that one charity is actually expanding.
More designer pieces are for sale than ever. Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth took a behind-the-scenes look as the not-for-profit group Housing Works got ready for its big VIP fundraiser, which kicks off Thursday night. Just as businesses slash costs and jobs, Housing Works is growing. “Once the recession hit, we knew we couldn’t do the same things we did last year,” Housing Works’ Matthew Bernardo said. And remember what they do. “Housing Works is an organization for poor people living with HIV and AIDS,” Bernardo said. “We have job training, health care.”
And much of that money comes from sales at both the Design on a Dime event Friday and Saturday and also at their very affordable thrift stores.

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