I Dont Feel Like Stepping Into The US Again Says King Khan 2009: Chicago Bollywood

I dont feel like stepping into the US again says King Khan

CHICAGO – Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said on Sunday that he does not feel like stepping on American soil any more, but it
is the love and affection of millions of his fans in that country which would bring him back again and again. The American Indian audience were stunned when Khan announced this. Khan also ruled out seeking an apology for the incident. Khan was detained and questioned by US immigration officials on Saturday after his arrival in Newark International Airport, in New Jersey. Driving straight to the venue of the function in Atlantic City, Khan told the audience “I was treated shabbily just because I happened to have Khan as my last name.” Khan expressed displeasure at immigration official for not allowing him to use the cell phone to contact and inform local organisers. Meanwhile, the United States has denied the allegations that Khan was detained and questioned for two hours at the airport because of his name or Asian identity.
US Customs and Border Protection spokesperson, Elmer Camacho said the allegations were untrue and added that Khan was inspected because his baggage had not yet arrived.

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