Illuminate hope against ovarian cancer at Dolores Romero Foundation’s Gala

Celebrate hope, honor courage—join the fight against ovarian cancer!

Ovarian cancer is a stealthy foe, often detected at advanced stages. The lack of specific symptoms and effective screening makes early detection challenging. This silent killer takes a toll on women’s health, emphasizing the urgent need for awareness, research, and support.

Amid the challenges posed by ovarian cancer, the Dolores Romero Foundation emerges as a dedicated advocate. This remarkable charity is committed to raising awareness, funding research, and providing support to individuals affected by ovarian cancer, offering a beacon of hope in the fight against this formidable adversary.

Gear up for an impactful evening with the Dolores Romero Foundation at their 3rd Annual Gala on Feb 17, 2024. Join this significant event where every moment contributes to supporting ovarian cancer awareness, research, and those bravely battling this disease.

Place an ad for your business in our charity gala ad book. Your purchase helps to support our local cancer community and promotes your business. The 3rd annual Teal Butterfly Charity Gala will be held Saturday, February 17, 2024 in the Greenview Inn at Eastlyn Golf Course.

Support ovarian cancer fighters—register today for a brighter tomorrow.

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