Celebrate and Empower: Impact Gala 2024

Join the 2nd annual Impact Gala on October 5th, 2024. Help raise funds to empower Black Canadians and celebrate an evening of community and meaningful change. Be part of the movement!

Did you know that collective effort can drive monumental change? It’s time to come together and celebrate the strides made towards empowering Black Canadians.

Welcome to the 2nd annual Impact Gala, an extraordinary evening of celebration, community, and meaningful change. This event, dedicated to advancing the well-being and empowerment of Black Canadians, promises to be even more impactful than last year.

Join the Impact Gala and be part of a movement making a lasting difference. Together, we can continue to elevate and empower the Black Canadian community. Let’s make this night unforgettable and transformative.

Welcome to our 2nd annual Impact gala an extraordinary evening dedicated to celebrating achievements, fostering community, and creating meaningful change. The Impact Gala was created as a way to raise money to advance the well-being and empowerment of Black Canadians across the nation. Last year, with over 250 guests in attendance, we were able to raise an amazing $40,000 in funds to help support Black Canadians. Join us at our Impact Gala and together we can make a lasting difference

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Federation of Black Canadians
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