Inexpensive And Elegant 2009: Dayton Mdash

Inexpensive and elegant

DAYTON &mdash There was a time when dressing for a Dayton Art Institute Art Ball meant advance shopping trips to Chicago or New York
or the fanciest women’s boutiques. The elegant dinner dance, hosted by the members of the museum’s associate board, and held in galleries throughout the museum, has been a highly anticipated social event in the Miami Valley for the past 52 years. This year’s ball takes place on June 13 and includes cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, gambling, a sit-down dinner, music and dancing. We’ve asked associate board members to model their gowns (check out the photo gallery at and share their secrets. “We really want people to come to the ball and not feel they have to go out and spend a lot of money on a whole new ensemble,” says Julie Cannon of Oakwood. Cannon has two great suggestions: a “girls’ night” with friends and consignment shopping. “Everyone has a closet full of dresses, so why not get together for an evening and trade” Cannon says. She found a lavender strapless chiffon gown at Miss Kelle’s Boutique, a popular consignment shop in the heart of Centerville.
“Some little sweetie wore this to the prom,” quips Cannon, a size 5.

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