Jackson NJ Onlines New Global Platform Goes Live 2009: Mentioned Applied

Jackson NJ Onlines new global platform goes live

Last week, I mentioned that I had applied to include this website in Google News syndication and after months of fine tuning and tweaking,
I got the confirmation from Google that it has been accepted. This morning, the first articles here started showing up in Google News Syndication.   If you want to get your charity, organization, event, club, opinions or views in front of a global audience, now is a great time to start posting articles here as well written and well formed writings will be blasted around the world daily. There are a few content guidelines: No Commercial AdvertisingIf you run a business, do not post advertising. If you want to promote your business, you can write a well thought out generalized article about your business, your industry or current events that affect your industry and you can use a byline that identifies your business and you can end the article with a footer that gives your business contact information. Minimum WordingIn order to be seen by the Google Newsbot, your submission must be properly formatted and contain a minimum of 200 words.  Google will bypass fragmented or short articles. Play NiceAll opinions are welcome.  Do not post political ramblings that do nothing but trash another person. Not only are we all tired of that nonsense, but it detracts from the goal of building an online community.  You are more than welcome to voice your opinions and voice them strongly, but if the foundation of your opinion lies in the defamation of another person only, then nobody cares about your opinion. Real Names Must Be UsedThis is not a message board or a video game. I will delete any articles posted under nicknames. This site is now gloablly syndicated and we must adhere to at least to minimal journalistic standards. If you want to create a pen name such as “The Jackson Politics Guy” that is ok, as long as somewhere in your article you identify who you are . An example :  Joe Smith is the Jackson Politics Guy, providing a weekly snapshot of the Jackson Township Political Community.
Absolutely no vulgarityNot only is it poor journalism, but this site is part of the GoKids network, a community of family oriented news and opinions focused website.  We have a strict no profanity rule across the boards and this is no exception.  Â

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