Jazz Moves Korver Opts In Boozer To Follow 2009: Salt Lake

Jazz moves Korver opts in Boozer to follow

The Salt Lake Tribune As Kyle Korver opted against free agency Monday in favor of a return to the Jazz, speculation increased that Carlos
Boozer might do the same, despite his declaration to the contrary in December. Marc Fleisher, the agent for Mehmet Okur, said “as of last time I checked” nothing had changed in regard to Okur’s intent to opt out. An ESPN.com report, meanwhile, suggested there was a “significant chance” Boozer would not opt out. Boozer is due to make $12.7 million this season, with an already shallow pool of available free-agent money appearing to be shrinking. Boozer and Okur must make their decisions by today, with the free-agent negotiating period set to open at 10 p.m. tonight. The Pistons’ path to signing Villanueva became easier Monday when the Bucks declined to make a qualifying offer to Villanueva, leaving him an unrestricted free agent. How much interest Oklahoma City or Memphis has in Boozer is uncertain. Barring a sign-and-trade deal in which the Jazz would want to participate, Boozer might be faced with settling for nothing more than the midlevel exception of about $5.5 million. Boozer had cited a desire for the security of a long-term contract. Boozer, a two-time All-Star, declared his intention to opt out in December, with little indication until now that things had changed. The Jazz, however, long questioned whether the market Boozer believed existed would materialize.
Korver will make $5.2 million, giving the Jazz approximately $52 million in commitments to nine players for this season. Should he return, Boozer’s salary would push that number to $64.5 million, with the luxury tax expected to be set around $70 million.

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