Jeans and Jewels Gala

Dress in denim, sparkle in solidarity—join us!

Children’s hospitals, often adorned with vibrant murals and colorful decor, serve as sanctuaries of healing for young patients. With a focus on specialized care, these institutions boast a remarkable statistic: on average, over 97% of children treated in such hospitals report feeling less anxious about their medical experiences. Beyond medical expertise, these institutions prioritize creating a nurturing environment, recognizing the profound impact it has on the well-being of their young charges.

The Jeans & Jewels Gala organized by the Jim Pattison Foundation is a dazzling affair that mirrors the vibrant and uplifting atmosphere found in children’s hospitals. Attendees don their finest denim and sparkling jewels, contributing to an atmosphere of both elegance and comfort. This event not only raises crucial funds for pediatric healthcare but also symbolizes the commitment to providing a supportive and reassuring environment for young patients undergoing medical treatment.

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Jeans & Jewels Gala, presented by Mosaic, will be held at WTC at Prairieland Park on Friday, May 3rd, 2024! With entertainment featuring

ABRA Cadabra, a Tribute to the Music of ABBA, it will be a night you won’t want to miss!

Embark on an adventure with us by securing your spot for an unforgettable journey into a world of discovery and connection!

Charity Organization Name:
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Foundation
Event Location:
WTC Saskatoon at Prairieland Park
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