John Farrell Red Sox Pitching Coach 2009: John Talked

John Farrell Red Sox Pitching Coach

Listen John talked about Joba throwing at Jason Bay, the Sox pitching performance in 2009, and his involvement with Mass Mentoring Automatically Generated Transcript
(may not be 100% accurate) ” We have talked to this guy and a number of occasions in the past whenever we have questions about. Pitching in pitchers sees the source he is the pitching coach for the Boston Red Sox joining us on the AT&T hotline eighteen T your world delivered. Is John Farrell good morning John.” ” I don’t. Doing great how are you and rainy how words you and rainy New York City. Well you know it. Given the condition of any kind become aware of the couple wins. You don’t want to whether it also was so far so good against New York.” ” Were you as surprised as I was John that they played all nine last night I thought sure after six they were going to call let thank.” ” Well you know we’ve got as quote — throughout the last two days there and it it did get a little bit heavy at times. You know. Beckett needed some drying agent to put on the mound just keep from us slipping — come. But fortunately you know we’ve held off we continue to throw strikes and not. Allowed — woody — Tucker because without conditions crazier things can happen when you start put people based.”
” Early season baseball stats are always interesting whether it’s a hot hitter hitting well over 400 and you look at the box score there. Or in the case of Josh Beckett a very good pitcher who has an ERA over six what do you think — issue has been this year John.”

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