Kannapolis Festival Of The Arts A Celebration Of Talent Diversity 2009: Hfishersalisburypostcom Kannapolis

Kannapolis Festival of the Arts a celebration of talent diversity

hfishersalisburypost.com KANNAPOLIS — All young people have talent.
You just have to give them a chance to show it. That’s the belief behind the Kannapolis Festival of the Arts, held Friday at the city’s Village Park Amphitheater. Featuring about 65 performers in 21 acts, the festival highlighted teenage singers, musicians, poets and dancers from A.L. Brown High School. “It’s a chance for them to come together and have some fun,” director Louise Bush said. Bush, an English instructor at A.L. Brown, said the annual show is meant to share the students’ wealth of talent with the community, crossing cultural and racial lines and bringing as many people together as possible. The Festival of the Arts began in part as an exhibition of music and artwork on the A.L. Brown campus.
Bush merged the school’s event with a local teen band concert organized by Marshall Smith of Cooperative Christian Ministries.

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