Kim Kardashian Amp Reggie Bushs Big Easy Reunion 2009: Schedules Originally

Kim Kardashian amp Reggie Bushs Big Easy Reunion

Their busy schedules originally , but Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush’s work commitments have brought them back together.
Last Saturday, Kim attended a Dress for Success fashion show in the Big Easy, where Reggie just so happens to play football for the New Orleans Saints. She went to the charity event alone, but Reggie reportedly afterward. The duo was also spotted having dinner on Monday. Now a source tells E! News that they’re giving it another go. “They’re taking it day by day,” says the source. “They’re not sure what the future holds, but they love each other enough to give things another shot.” Kim’s even trying to show her man that she’s willing to sacrifice. How so Despite her hectic schedule, she’s spending the rest of August in New Orleans while Reggie finishes up training camp in Houston.
Sources say Kim is staying at his New Orleans home and waiting for his return from camp.

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