Kindergarten Volunteering In Nepal

Kindergarten volunteering provide you best experience in Nepal

Kindergarten volunteering is one of the most enjoyable and learning experience for one, who loves and cares children. A volunteer who want to join this program do not need any special qualification but need to be caring, responsible as well as enthusiastic.

Volunteer and internship foundation provides you opportunity of kindergarten teaching volunteering in Nepal. A volunteer can help in daily activities set by the respective class teachers like distribution of materials, assisting the class work activities, singing rhymes, coloring, drawings, managing quee for outdoor activities, assisting in Tiffin time, nap time etc.

A volunteer may be asked to other duties like teaching English, mathematics, foreign language (Volunteer mother tongue) if they are capable of doing so. Besides these volunteer may help in the extracurricular activities of school and some time assisting in administrative work also.

Schedule of kindergarten volunteer

1stday : arrival in Kathmandu

2ndday: orientation of basic language, place, culture and host city and rest at host house.

3rdday to 6thday volunteering

7thday: city tour and rest

The time and schedule can be altered, added and managed accordingly. if the length of volunteering days is more than a week there will be further other programs like hiking, cultural exchange and adventurous programs. Volunteer may visit nearby other cities and we can help and guide and coordinate in such visits in managing tickets, hotels etc.

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