Kylies US Dream Is Really A Nightmare 2009: It Shattering

Kylies US dream is really a nightmare

IT is the most shattering experience of a young man’s life when he awakes and reasonably says to himself: “I will never play The
Dane.” Thus speaks a character in the great British movie Withnail & I about two drunken actors who spend a weekend in the country attempting to dry out. It’s also a film about growing up and accepting our limitations – in Withnail’s case, that he is never going to play Hamlet. The line popped into my mind during the week when the news came through that Kylie Minogue is having a crack at making it in the US. She’s tried before. Americans have had ample opportunity to sample Kylie’s wares and they’ve said, “Thanks, but no thanks”. Of course the mysterious thing about Minogue’s career is not why she has failed to make it in America, but how she managed to make it so big anywhere at all.
Her records are ok-ish at best and it’s no surprise that the best of them – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – is the closest she has come to a No.1 US hit.

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