Looking For A Diamond Amid Frosting And Goo To Benefit Shriners 2009: Competing Others

Looking for a diamond amid frosting and goo to benefit Shriners

Competing against five others, the 70-year-old retired electrician quipped the ring “won’t look good on me,” after he discovered it in a glop of
cake goo on the ground at his feet. “But it will look good on me,” his wife of 41 years, Martha, retorted. Martha quickly unhanded the ring from her husband, cleaned it off a trifle, and then tried it on. Heisler was one of several hundred people who entered a drawing for the ring at the Cottonwood Street jewelry store in the charity event that raised around $1,000 for Shriners. Saturday morning the names of six Others competing for the ring were Susan Tolson, Munpreet Sangnera, Dave King, Bernard Eberhardy and Tamie Levish. The cake itself was baked and provided by Raley’s. The diamond solitaire ring – along with six other toy rings of varying sizes – was then placed inside the cake before it was frosted so no one would know its location. Participants also had to sign off on a “code of conduct” promising, among other things, they would not “display any disruptive behavior or poor attitude, including being involved in any pushing, shoving, or hitting anyone show “good sportsmanship” such as not climbing on the table
And, for the most part, contestants kept their promises as much as could be expected while decimating a 1 1/2-foot, by 3-foot sheet, white-iced, sheet cake.

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