“Love Rules Our City” Gala

Nurturing Dreams, Uniting Communities: Our Gala of Compassion and Hope

Unwanted teenage pregnancies, a poignant and complex concern, cast a shadow on the lives of adolescents worldwide. These pregnancies often usher in a cascade of challenges, affecting not only the young mothers-to-be but also their families and communities. Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue is paramount, as it calls for comprehensive sex education, accessible healthcare, and social support, with the aim of empowering teenagers to make informed decisions and build brighter futures, free from the burdens of early parenthood.

In the realm of teenage pregnancy, Viola’s House emerges as a beacon of hope and support. Dedicated to providing comprehensive education, healthcare access, and mentorship to young mothers and fathers, they empower these adolescents to navigate the challenges of early parenthood and build brighter futures for themselves and their children, reshaping the narrative surrounding unwanted teenage pregnancies.

As we address the complexities of unwanted teenage pregnancies, it’s essential to spotlight an upcoming event that echoes compassion and commitment. Viola’s House invites you to their second annual gala, “Love Rules Our City,” set to take place on December 2nd. This gala promises an enchanting evening of unity, inspiration, and fundraising, all dedicated to supporting Viola’s House mission in reshaping the lives of young parents and fostering a brighter future for our cities.

Viola’s House is pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Gala, a black-tie event to be held on Saturday, December 2, 2023. Please join us in “Love Rules Our City,” an evening of supporters, partners, and community that has focused on serving and spreading love throughout the city, connecting communities, and impacting people’s lives. Our goal is to continue supporting moms and babies, investing in housing the homeless and providing resources needed to continue to make an impact within the communities.

Guests will be treated to an evening of inspiration and celebration with an evening of honor. The 2023 Viola’s House Gala includes live music, a silent auction, raffle, and more. The Gala will benefit a community of teen moms, babies and Viola’s House mission to continue to provide programming, services and housing support services to mothers who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

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To sponsor the event or sponsorship information, please visit Love Rules Our City or contact David Edgemon, Email | Contact Direct 469-751-2017.

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