Megadeth Dave Mustaine Charity

Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine Plays Santa for Charity

Megadeth frontman, Dave Mustaine got into the Christmas charity spirit and played Santa for a group of homeless and parentless children in the San Diego, California area.
Mustaine teamed up with Hasbro toys and fans to help raise enough cash to buy gifts for firefighter and military children.
I was able to get a whole bunch of toys… I bought nine-and-a-half pallets of toys and am donating them to the children who have lost their homes and ultimately their toys and their little worlds. The church I go to, that has 300-400 military children whose parents are deployed the Toys For Tots with the Marines, who always have given toys to kids, and lastly our firefighters down here.

Dave Mustaine raised most of the money at Megadeth concerts, where he sold Fair TradeLegends Cup Coffee, his own charity brand.

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