Michigan Cruise Picks Up Steam 2009: Don Nicholson

Michigan cruise picks up steam

Don Nicholson said he hoped businesses in downtown Wayne would benefit from a virtual fleet of classic cars that will rumble through the community
in two months. Nicholson is planning the second annual Michigan Avenue Cruise, which runs on a loop from Dearborn to Wayne along Michigan Avenue on July 11. “If I keep losing money on it every year, it’s not going to happen,†said Nicholson with a laugh. Currently Jack Demmer Ford and the Red Apple restaurant will provide the highlights for the day-long event in the city of Wayne. Demmer will host a car show at both locations-in Wayne and Dearborn-while the Red Apple will have a band playing throughout the event. “They’re going to do more, but I don’t know all what it’s going to be yet,†said Nicholson. “It looks like it’s going to be one of the hot spots in Wayne this year.†The event will coincide with other activities up and down the main strip. It is the same day as the Inkster Jazz Festival, and the Venus Restaurant will host a car show there in that city. There will also be a Vet Fest, a fundraiser for the Veteran’s Haven facility in Wayne. Other features-like an Emergency Response Vehicle show-will take place in Dearborn Heights. Nicholson said the armored assault vehicles used by the Detroit Police Department would be a part of that. In Wayne, the Rotary Club will sell shirts in front of Leo’s Jewelry and Happy’s Pizza will sell slices in front of the Chamber of Commerce office.
Nicholson said the event will be preceded by Michigan Avenue Charity event on July 10, with tickets available from any Rotary member.

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