Mount Toubkal Trek

Conquer Mount Toubkal, Fund Breast Cancer Research.

Breast cancer, one of the most prevalent forms of cancer among women worldwide, continues to pose a significant health challenge. Despite advances in detection and treatment, it remains a leading cause of cancer-related mortality. In the relentless pursuit of eradicating this devastating disease, researchers and medical professionals are diligently exploring new avenues. The search for a breast cancer vaccine, a potential game-changer in cancer prevention, has garnered substantial attention. Such a vaccine could revolutionize the field, offering hope for a future where women can be shielded from this malignancy before it takes its toll.

Among the organizations at the forefront of this critical mission is Against Breast Cancer, a leading charity committed to funding groundbreaking research and raising awareness about breast cancer’s prevention and early detection. Their unwavering dedication to finding a vaccine underscores the importance of supporting their vital efforts in the fight against breast cancer.

To fuel their impactful initiatives, Against Breast Cancer is organizing an exciting fundraising event – the Mount Toubkal Trek. Participants will embark on a thrilling adventure, scaling North Africa’s highest peak, with each step taken contributing to the noble cause of eradicating breast cancer.

Mount Toubkal Trek
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Mount Toubkal Trek is three days of stunning scenery and breathtaking views across North Africa. Perfect for those who with a taste for adventure but are pushed for time, Mount Toubkal Trek takes just five days door to door.

Despite the shorter length of time required to complete this challenge, reaching the summit of Mount Toubkal represents a tough challenge, the terrain is demanding and will involve scrambling over boulders and negotiating scree. However, the exceptional support and expert mountain guides provided mean no previous trek experience is necessary.

Celebrate reaching the top of North Africa and looking across the savannah and mountains with a special celebratory dinner in Marrakech – a city full of charm, exotic delights and fantastic bargains!

Available Dates
2-6 August 2023
31 July-4 August 2024

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Against Breast Cancer
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Mount Toubkal
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