N Street’s Gala & Auction 2024

Empowering Women. Transforming Lives. Together.

In the shadowy corners of society, where the world turns a blind eye, an all-too-real struggle persists. Women, haunted by the harsh reality of homelessness, navigate a treacherous path of vulnerability and resilience. Displaced from their homes, they face an arduous journey fraught with uncertainty, battling against a merciless tide of adversity. Stripped of shelter, safety, and stability, they fight to regain their footing amidst the cold indifference of concrete and steel. Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope remains. Through compassionate support, advocacy, and empowerment, we can reshape their narrative, offering a lifeline to those silenced by circumstance, and together, create a brighter future where every woman finds solace and sanctuary.

Amidst the battle against homelessness, N Street, a dedicated nonprofit organization, emerges as a beacon of compassion and change. With a resolute mission to uplift homeless women, N Street provides essential services, shelter, and comprehensive support, working tirelessly to restore dignity and empower these resilient individuals on their journey toward stability and self-sufficiency.

Continuing its impactful work, N Street is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated 2024 Gala and Auction event. This momentous occasion brings together compassionate supporters, community leaders, and advocates in a night of unity and generosity, aimed at raising critical funds to expand their outreach programs and provide even greater support to homeless women in need.

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2024 Gala & Auction

Join us for another fabulous event honoring the outstanding work of our volunteers, donors, and clients!

Join us at the transformative 2024 Gala and Auction. Register now to uplift homeless women together!

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N Street
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Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
United States
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