Nightly Webcast SP NC34 2009: Saturday Starts

Nightly Webcast SP NC34

Our Saturday starts off dry, with some showers and maybe even a thunderstorm in the afternoon and into the evening.
Expect a muggy high of 72. Sunday will start off with a few sprinkles before breezy and cooler conditions in the afternoon. High 60. Monday now looks dry with the chance for a frosty morning. Daytime highs in the lower 60s. Tuesday and Wednesday the dry weather continues with highs pushing 70. Thursday a cold front brings through a round of thundershowers. High 72. Friday we head back to the sunshine with a high near 70. Some great music by some top-notch DJ’s tonight at Terra Cotta in downtown Binghamton. The event was a fundraiser for victims of the American Civic Association tragedy and their families. There was also an auction with items signed by rock stars and pro football players. Moodswing 360 DJ Jason Smith helped spear-head the benefit with Ally Evangelista, both are natives of the area. Ally Evangelista says, “My husband is a captain in the army and we do so much work for charity. We are back in New York and I thought what can I do to help my community, because I love Binghamton and when we heard about the shootings, I was crushed. I thought I’ll call Jay and here we are we’re doing a benefit.” If you missed tonight’s benefit, you can still mail checks to Catholic Charities.

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