North Texas Giving Day 2023

Be a Home-Changer: Transform Lives Today!

In the midst of bustling cities and bustling lives, a heart-wrenching reality persists: homeless children facing adversity on the streets. Deprived of stable shelter and warmth, these vulnerable young souls navigate a world of uncertainty. Stripped of the carefree innocence of childhood, they endure daily challenges, struggling to meet their basic needs. Homelessness casts a shadow over their dreams and aspirations, threatening their potential for a brighter future. This sobering intro sheds light on the plight of these young ones, urging us to acknowledge their plight and work collectively to provide them with the compassion and support they desperately deserve.

Amidst this heartbreaking reality, Family Gateway emerges as a beacon of hope. Dedicated to uplifting homeless children and their families, their transformative programs and support services aim to restore dignity, stability, and a path towards a better tomorrow.

As the journey to empower homeless children continues, mark your calendar for North Texas Giving Day, an event that holds the power to make a lasting impact. Join hands with Family Gateway on this special day, as they strive to raise crucial funds and awareness, ensuring that every child finds a place to call home and a chance to thrive.

Help us reach our $100,000 goal this North Texas Giving Day!
Early giving opens on September 1, and giving will be open through 11:59pm on September 21. Click here to make a gift to Family Gateway.

Why should you support Family Gateway this North Texas Giving Day?

Since 1986, Family Gateway has helped thousands of families with children experiencing homelessness on their journeys to stability and positive housing. The need in our community is now greater than ever before. Pre-pandemic, approximately 30 new families per month required shelter in our community. This number has risen to an average of 50 new families per month over the last year, with many months including spikes of 60+ new families requiring shelter. In addition to our emergency shelter space, we are supporting 40+ families in overflow care who would otherwise be sleeping in their vehicles or on the streets.

This North Texas Giving Day, we need your help to:

Keep children and families from sleeping in their cars or on the streets.
Support children as they recover from the trauma of homelessness.
Continue housing families with children.
With your support, we will continue doing everything possible
to ensure no child sleeps outside.

Unlock hope, change lives! Embrace compassion at North Texas Giving Day with Family Gateway. Together, let’s build brighter futures!

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