Obama And Biden Lunch At Rays Hell Burger 2009: Hot Hot

Obama and Biden Lunch at Rays Hell Burger

Hot hot Arlington burger joint Ray’s Hell Burger got even hotter today after President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden stopped in for
lunch around 12:30 p.m. The crowd at Ray’s was reportedly (and understandably) flipping out over the surprise executive branch visit. The official White House pool report from the event offers some fun details, including that Obama treated a few reporters to burgers (they’re making donations to charity to balance it out, they claim). More from the pool report: When Obama and Biden reached the front, Obama greeted the two order-takers. The guy who took Obama’s order and money was Tim Murray. There’s still some debate among press on exactly what Obama ordered, since it was hard to hear. He definitely had a burger. I heard him say “basic cheeseburger, medium well.” But someone else heard him say “Swiss mushroom burger.” He definitely asked Mr. Murray for “spicy mustard, if you have it.” There may have also been talk of tater tots. The Veep order was more clear: Biden got a swiss cheese burger with jalapeños. Obama also put a $5 bill in the tip jar. quotes Ray’s owner Michael Landrum as calling the visit, “one of the greatest days of my life.” If not of his life, then certainly for his business. The last time Obama stopped by a casual lunch spot, there was a line around the building to get into Ben’s Chili Bowl for six weeks. I bet the PETA crowd are going ape$h!t over this. Or tempeh$h!t. Or something. That is, if they’re not sneaking off for a forbidden Wendy’s Triple Burger. I had the “Blue Plains” special with an extra side of C. difficile fries. Definitely as yummy and explosive as everyone said it would be! BTW, I apologize to the Metro staff and patrons at the Ballston station for the mess. If you happen to find my skivvies in the rubble of that trash bin, just send them to the nearest CDC-certified lab. kthanxbye.
Wait – they have fries now It’s safe for me to go then…

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