Oil Spill Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds

An oil spill off the coast of Britain has killed some 600 birds

1,000 sea birds, mostly guillemots, have also been tarred and washed up along the Dorset coast. Here you can see the Guillemot being washed at the West Hatch RSPCA Animal Centre.
“Guillemots start congregating at their breeding sites at this time of year and if birds that breed here are among those oiled, then this could have a dramatic effect on the colony,” said spokeswoman Helen Booker.
MSC Napoli was damaged in English Channel storms and gained attention in the news previously after scavangers from the village of Branscombe grabbed items including nappies and BMW motorbikes when an estimated 50 containers washed up on shore.
Oil is being pumped from the Napoli to prevent further leakage.

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