Oldschool Dating Makes A Comeback 2009: Whether Youre

Oldschool dating makes a comeback

Whether you’re looking for a “match” or perfect “harmony”, it’s common these days to “meet-up” online.
But more singles are saying they don’t want “face-book” to replace face-time. “I think it’s closer to old-fashioned dating. You get to see the person,” said Steven Burmeister of Wrigleyville. “&As opposed to just what they write.” “At these events, you can’t really hide. You can’t put a fake picture up from three years ago,” said Albany Park’s Mary Kozen. Dating coach Patti Feinstein, also known as ‘America’s Dating Coach,’ says singles events can be helpful but are not necessary. She says what matters is the unattached interact wherever they are. “You need to think interactive in a way that you don’t need to make conversation because that’s difficult, but you do need a natural interaction to occur so that dating can happen without the anxiety,” Feinstein said. That’s why she recommends her clients join the casting auction at the Victory Gardens theatre. It’s an annual fundraiser where amateurs donate to charity in exchange for a role in a play. Fred Snow took Feinstein’s advice last year. He landed a speaking role and true love.
“[I] found love in a play,” he said.

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