Pamela Anderson Protest

Pamela Anderson Protests in Australia

PETA activist Pamela Anderson rushed a Gold Coast KFC in Australia to protest the company’s animal practices.
The buxom ex-Baywatch babe took a trip down under to appear on the Australian version of Big Brother, and also used her time there to give a letter of protest to KFC.
An extract from the letter read, ‘I’ve been in Australia filming Big Brother, in which my housemates and I are confined and sealed off from the outside world, much like the chickens who are crammed inside barns for KFC. Fortunately, I won’t be stomped to death, have my legs broken or be scalded to death in a tank of hot wateryet, as PETA’s undercover videos have revealed, the chickens raised for KFC’s restaurants in Australia often suffer these abuses.’
KFC, a major sponsor of Big Brother Australia, countered the protest by denying the claims.
An extract of the KFC statement read, ‘KFC does not own or operate any chicken farms but works with reputable suppliers, industry and government authorities regarding humane farming practices in accordance with Australian regulations’.
You can read Pamela Anderson’s protest letter online or watch the PETA video.

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