Pedal for Protection: Saigon to Angkor Wat Bike Ride for Childhood Safety

Pedal for a purpose, unleash hope!

Child abuse is a distressing reality that casts a dark shadow on the innocence and vulnerability of our children. This harrowing phenomenon encompasses various forms of maltreatment, including physical, emotional, sexual, and neglectful acts, leaving enduring scars on young minds and bodies. As a society, it is our collective responsibility to protect and nurture the well-being of every child. By fostering awareness, providing support, and advocating for measures that safeguard their rights, we can create a safe and loving environment for children to flourish, empowering them to break free from the cycle of abuse and embrace a future filled with hope and happiness.

In the relentless pursuit of safeguarding children from abuse, one organization stands at the forefront – the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). With unwavering dedication, NSPCC works tirelessly to protect children from harm, provide vital support, and campaign for changes that prioritize their well-being. Join their noble cause and become a guardian of childhood, empowering young lives and ensuring that every child grows up in an environment free from fear and abuse.

As NSPCC continues its relentless mission to protect children from harm and provide vital support, they are excited to announce their upcoming fundraiser – the Saigon to Angkor Wat Bike Ride. This extraordinary adventure not only promises an unforgettable journey through breathtaking landscapes but also offers participants a chance to raise funds that will make a lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable children. Lace up your cycling shoes and join NSPCC on this life-changing ride, as together, we pedal towards a safer and brighter future for every child.

Cycle from Saigon to Angkor Wat and help us be here for children.
Covering 450km across seven days, this challenge is moderate, designed to enjoy the stunning scenery of South East Asia from 19-29 October 2023.

Follow the road less cycled from Saigon to Angkor Wat, venturing into the heart of the Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Ride the quiet backwater roads, stopping to explore ancient temples and bustling markets full of glorious street food. As you make your way to Siem Reap, admire the beautiful and varied rural landscapes from your saddle. Then, enjoy the fruits of your pedalling by exploring the incredible architecture of the Royal Temples of Angkor Wat.

Embark on an epic ride for childhood protection! Pedal with purpose in Saigon to Angkor Wat Bike Ride!

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