Poker Prizes Too Low 2009: Organizers Local

Poker prizes too low

Organizers of local charity poker tournaments are calling on the province to ease up on the rules governing such events.
Paul Wentzell, poker chairman with UCT Fredericton, said the service club has run three charity Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournaments since the province passed new legislation last year. However, he said, interest in those tournaments has dropped off and the service club had to cancel a fourth event planned for April. The reason, Wentzell said, is that poker players aren’t interested in the tournaments because the prize pools are so low. Under provincial legislation, only 35 per cent of entry fees can go to the prize pool at these charity tournaments, while 45 per cent goes to charity and 20 per cent to cover costs. Wentzell said poker players who pay $50 or more to play in a tournament want to see a better potential return on their money with bigger prize pools. He’s written the bureaucrat in charge of licensing and governing charity poker tournaments, suggesting that the rules change to allow for 65 per cent to go to the prize pool, 25 per cent for charity and 10 per cent for costs.
Wentzell said he’s certain the government developed the original prize pool restrictions to ensure that charities got as much support and help as possible.

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