President Ma Yingjeou Urges Public To Show Love To Mothers On 2009: “on Eve

President Ma Yingjeou urges public to show love to mothers on

On the eve of Mother’s Day, don’t forget to give your mother a hug and a kiss and make sure it is big
and warm, said Ma. The word ‘love’ is not only a noun but also a verb. Tell your mother that you love her as much as when you were a child, because the older mothers are, the more they need to be loved, he added. The president made the remarks at a charity event titled Maria’s Homecoming Train that sends university students studying away from home back to be reunited with their mothers on the eve of Mother’s Day, which falls on the second Sunday of May. Lin Pei-chun, a senior at National Taiwan Normal University majoring in English, said she misses the naps she used to take with her mother every Wednesday afternoon when she was in elementary school and hoped to recapture that same closeness when she got home. Mother’s Day is not about what kind of presents you give to your mother. What all mothers want is to spend some quality time with their children, said Chen Mei-ling, executive director of the Taichung-based Maria Social Welfare Foundation, which organized the charity homecoming event in conjunction with the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA).
The first of its kind in Taiwan, the Maria’s Homecoming Train, also known as Merrymama Traina, departed from Taipei Main Station early Saturday, with stops at Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan before arriving in the southern city of Kaohsiung.

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