Prince Charles Eco Charity

Prince Charles eco friendly charity visit

Prince Charles visited the eco-friendly charity Roots and Shoots recently to open their new eco-building, which is available for hire in London.
The Prince was shown around the wild gardens of the charity’s grounds by Roots and Shoots officials, and watched in awe as local children drew pictures of insects that flourish within the surrounding fauna.
The Roots and Shoots charity is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and was happy to show the Prince through the developments. The late Queen Mother had also visited the Roots and Shoots gardens, which inspired Charles to reflect upon its growth.
The visit was made just after Charles recently announced the size of his carbon footprint, and his personal intentions to reduce the amount of royal greenhouse gas emissions.
Fewer chartered planes, more train trips and a royal Jaguar running on cooking oil have contributed to achieving Prince Charles’ goal of becoming carbon-neutral.
Prince Charles’ eco friendly ways, and support of the Roots and Shoots charity, is an example to the rest of us. No matter what side of the climate change fence youre on, it’s just not healthy to waste resources and leavethat wastesitting in your back yard. And our collective back yard happens to be the earth.

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