Puff Daddy On A Business Meeting

Puff Daddy raises money for charity.

Dont think that Puff Daddy is just on a regular business meeting. Sean Diddy Combs came of an idea of offering this fans to pick his brains for a one-hour meeting to raise cash for charity. Bidding for the 60-minute meeting on the Charity Buzz website has already surpassed $31,000 (19,375), shattering the estimated $15,000 (9,375) total. Sean Diddy Combs mentioned that the auction will be handed to the Network for TeachingEntrepreneurship, this charity helps develop educational programmes for young students from low-income communities.

You can just think that Puff Daddy is just on a business meeting but also he will be sitting down with the highest bidder in L.A or New York and listen to their business pitch, while sharing his knowledge and expertise.

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