Robin Hoodwinked At Highstakes Table 2009: Greenstein Successful

Robin Hoodwinked at highstakes table

On the other hand, Greenstein is also one of the most successful cash-game players in the world.
In a recent episode of “High Stakes Poker” on the Game Show Network, Robin Hood was poised to plunder the table. However, one of the game’s young rising stars, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan decided to play sheriff. (Durrrr, by the way, is a nom de guerre Dwan conceived to sow confusion among his opponents.) With the blinds at &36300 and &36600 and a &36100 ante (that’s real money, not tournament chip values), all the early- and mid-position players folded. Peter Eastgate, the 2008 WSOP Main Event champion, raised to &363,500 from the cutoff seat. Sitting on the button, Robin Hood looked down at the almighty pocket rockets (Ad-Ac) and raised to &3615,000. The dealer uncovered Qh-4s-2s. Durrrr led out &3628,700. After Eastgate folded, Robin Hood quickly raised to &36100,000, concerned only about the flush draw. “I thought his most likely hand was As-Qs, and I didn’t want to have to guess on the turn,” Greenstein told me on my radio show.
After some deliberation, Durrrr re-raised to &36244,600.

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