Shop With A Cause 2009: Ordinary Runway

Shop with a cause

With the ordinary runway show being transformed into a new live music-cum-fashion presentation format for the Elle Fashion for Life event, you can keep
fingers crossed the usually exclusive Elle fashion event will now welcome more new faces, particularly young fashion and music enthusiasts. To ensure the event fulfils its purpose in raising funds for the Positive Partnership Programme, a special limited collection of memorabilia from participating designers will be available for everyone to grasp the opportunity to shop for a good cause. What’s most enticing about these premiums are that, while most designers’ collectibles for charity events often come as one same item with different prints or designs, the Elle Fashion for Life memorabilia come as various items _ so different that you can’t help but want them all. Greyhound even offers several colours for their undies that are available in three sizes for both men and women. Have we mentioned that they are only 300 baht each As for those boys who prefer to wear their charitable hearts out, check out Theatre’s white shirt with funky prints (2,290 baht), which is both modest enough for an office meeting worn under a suit and laid-back enough to be worn alone for a night out. Those trendy and dressed to the nines who can’t leave home without a finishing touch of accessory du jour like a scarf, however, will be delighted with Sretsis and Issue, both designing limited edition scarves for the event (1000 and 890 baht respectively). But if scarves are too bulky for the rainy season, why not a Boudoir necklace with pendant, which is priced just as reasonably at 1,250 baht Talking of the season, if you are one of those who prefer to be soaked in the rain rather than carry a mass-marketed, unflattering umbrella, you’ll find your Holy Grail for the rainy season in a Zenithorial umbrella (999 baht), which will be handy, practical and stylish come rain or shine.
However, the top product is none other than a tote bag offered by the three designers of Headquarter and Senada, the latter coming in three colours _ blue, pink and yellow (1,190 baht). Fans of the Headquarter trio can indulge in a total of four designs for the tote with Sunshine offering a special of two bags for the event, each priced at 696 baht while the tote bags from Realistic Situation and Chai will be available at 999 baht.

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