Strides for Hope: 5K Against Brain Tumors

Unite against brain tumors, step by step, making each stride count in the fight for hope.

In the face of brain tumors, the urgency to address this challenge is paramount. These afflictions impact lives profoundly, necessitating a united effort for awareness, research, and support. It’s crucial to emphasize the impact on individuals, families, and communities to rally support. By joining forces, we can pave the way for a brighter future in the fight against brain tumors.

Stepping into this battle against brain tumors is the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS). Committed to making a difference, NBTS tirelessly works to support individuals affected by these challenging conditions. Their efforts encompass awareness campaigns, research funding, and community-building initiatives, reflecting a steadfast dedication to combatting brain tumors on multiple fronts.

Lace up your sneakers and join the movement at NBTS’s upcoming 5K Walk/Run, where every step counts toward supporting those facing the challenges of brain tumors. This inclusive event invites participants of all ages and fitness levels to join hands in raising awareness and funds for critical research. Below are the details for this impactful stride towards a future without the shadow of brain tumors.

The Carolina Brain Tumor community will come together on April 13, 2024 for a 5K Walk/Run to raise awareness and funds to support the needs of brain tumor patients and their families. The Carolina Brain Tumor Walk & Race is a family-friendly event for all ages! Join us for a morning of celebration, remembrance and hope. Your community is here. Let’s discover a cure, together.

Embark on a meaningful journey—register now and stride with purpose in the fight against brain tumors.

Charity Organization Name:
National Brain Tumor Society
Event Location:
Community House Middle School 9500 Community House Road, Charlotte, NC 28277
United States
Event Date and Time:
Starts at: