Sweet Stache Competition-Mustaches For Kids

Children’s Charities Benefit From The Sweet Stache Competition-Mustaches for Kids

For a madcap night of many mustaches, visit the Sweet Stache Competition-Mustaches for Kids event in Houston.
The competition is quite simple.
Judges judge various mustaches for the perfect mustache, based on specific criteria.
After the winning mustache is announced, everyone celebrates and a good time is had by all. The ‘sweetest’ mustache will be judged by highly scientific criteria and is not gender specific. Mustache growers can find out about the rules in advance.
The Sweetest Stache Competition-Mustaches for Kids event isn’t all about grown ups.
Volunteers grow mustaches for children’s charities. They have raised more than $150 thousand dollars for charities like the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, San Francisco’s Legal Services for Children and other worthy causes.
This event takes place during the Christmas holiday season.

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