Swisher Selflessly Embraces Celebrity 2009: 052809 1209

Swisher selflessly embraces celebrity

05/28/09 12:09 PM ET It is a fun new gesture for Swisher, who joins the rest of the Yankees in acknowledging those chants —
a tradition that was in place long before he scored a spot in the lineup. But giving back to those fans away from the field has always been a top priority. Enjoying an early splash of popularity, the effervescent 28-year-old knows that his profile may help open doors to assist the causes he is passionate about. Swisher has already had an entrée named after him at one New York pub in the name of charity, and he is hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg. “Obviously, my first job is here at the ballpark, and from this job, all the other things happen,” Swisher said. “I’m just having a blast, man. I get up in the morning and smile, and I’m extremely happy with the situation I’ve been put in.” During the Yankees’ last homestand, Swisher made a detour to Foley’s NY on West 33rd Street, entering the baseball-themed restaurant in the shadows of the Empire State Building and trying the “Swish & Chips” platter dedicated in his name. “In my name” he said. “Just awesome.” One dollar from every order of battered fish and French fries goes to benefit the “Swish’s Wishes” charity, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which Swisher has dedicated to enriching the lives and lifting the spirits of children facing health and medical issues.
“I had the Swish & Chips and it’s good,” Swisher said. “I just think it’s a great thing, and it’s going to be going on all season long.”

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