Tattooists To Their Mark For Watersafety Charity 2009: Perth Tattoo

Tattooists to their mark for watersafety charity

A PERTH tattoo studio is set to host a marathon 24-hour fund-raising event to raise crucial cash for a local water-safety charity.
Plucky members of the public will be asked to go under the needle at Trev’s House of Tattoos, on the Fair City’s Princes Street, during this year’s “TattooFest” &ndash an event established in memory of local drummer Graham Motion, who lost his life following an accident on the River Tay three years ago. Graham’s sister Lisa, who set up Safe-Tay in memory of her brother and to raise awareness of the dangers water can pose, said the venue for the event &ndash which gets underway at 10am on May 11 &ndash has a poignant significance for her family. She said: “It’s always heart-warming to know Graham is still in people’s thoughts. He received his first tattoo at Trev’s many years back,” she said. Shopowner Trevor Brister, alongside professional tattoo artist Bry Prow and assistant Liam Mason, will etch their way through the big-hearted volunteers during the epic session, which will be accompanied by live acoustic music and a small buffet from 8pm. Safe-Tay director Lisa said any money raised will be used to help create a promotional website She added: “The website will be designed to teach children what to look out for in many different scenarios, from inland water awareness to the beach, home, and many more.
The website, set to go live by the end of July, has gained support from a host of organisations, such as the RNLI, Tayside Fire and Rescue and Tayside Police.

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