Teachers Eat Bugs Charity

Chicago teachers eat fried bugs for charity

Whether you enjoyed a lovely school life in the past, or youre having one right now, as a student, there’s just something really satisfying about learning that some Chicago teachers opted to sit in the naughty corner, undergoing the self appointed punishment of eating bugs for charity.
Twelve Chicago teachers from Niles West High School gobbled down some deep-fried-chicken-tasting cicadas to raise money for the autism charity, Have Dreams.
Founded by a small group of parents and educators in 1996, Have Dreams is an organization dedicated to helping autistic children enrich their lives. The mission statement speaks for itself.
Have Dreams aspires to help children with autism improve their abilities to learn, function independently, and socialize so that they may realize their full potential and develop into contributing members of their communities.

But, Have Dreams seems not just to be interested in the healthy development of autistic children, but also in having fun. One of their past events was a funky dance-off-marathon, and their next event, a golf tournament, is being advertised by two small children dressed as superduperheroes.
But nothing really beats the sight of confused, unnerved and apprehensive teachers electing to eat bugs. And all for the Have Dreams charity, an idea thought up by one of their own, the science teacher Neil ‘Judas’ Koreman.

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