The 27th Annual Christmas Pudding Race

Team Compete for Beloved Christmas Pudding Trophy In Support of Cancer Research UK

The 27th Annual Christmas Pudding Race is a long held tradition in the Covent Garden Market.
Racers carry a Christmas pudding on a tray in a relay fashion.
Obstacles are put along the course to make things exciting and the winners of the race win a fabulous trophy. This is a charity event so be generous and show up to this wacky race. Watch the winning team win the beloved Christmas Pudding Trophy. The proceeds from the race go to Cancer Research UK.
The 27th Annual Christmas Pudding Race is one of a line of races that have served various charities in the past.
This year, Cancer Research UK was selected as the beneficiary of the worthy event. The event is supported by the Covent Garden Market and by Matthew Walker.
Get a team together and join in the festivities.

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