The Billies Charity Gala

The 2nd Annual Billies Charity Gala

A plethora of stars hit the red carpet on Tuesday night leading into the 2nd Annual Billies Charity Gala, held by the Women’s Sports Foundation.
The Billie awards, named after legendary 12 time Grand Slam champ Billie Jean King, are given to role models for sports and physical activities excellence in the media, and are a platform for the promotion of female athletes.
As well as the 40 odd evening-dress donned sports heroes in attendance, the night was literally filled with the who’s who of the entertainment and sports industries, hosting guests like Geena Davis, Marlee Matlin, Jimmy Connors, Carly Schroeder, Elizabeth Shue and Ross Greenberg.
The night was an all round fun filled celebration with Elton John’s wild piano performance, Sharon Stone doing stand-up, and a casual keynote address from the woman herself, Billie Jean King .
The awards, designed by Grammy award creator and celebrated artist Nechita, given for Journalism, Breakthrough and Innovation, Entertainment and Influential Personality were presented to ESPN SportsCentre,MTV Networks, Miramax Films, and Ross Greenberg.
The 2nd Annual Billies Charity Gala, as well as being a huge success for The Women’s Sports Foundation, raising more than $1 million, was also a step in the right direction for the environment, being an entirely self-sustainable,green night.

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