The Buffalo News NY Mike Harrington Column Mets Moves Keep 2009: 31ihave Clue

The Buffalo News NY Mike Harrington Column Mets Moves Keep

May 31–Ihave no clue what the New York Mets are doing at times and I thought that was just a product of paying close
attention to the Cleveland Indians the last 14 years and not giving much of a thought to what was going on in Queens. Now that my attention has to be turned to the East, I’m glad to find out I’m not alone. Even though the Mets are hanging around at the top of the NL East, the way they’re handling their roster this year is completely baffling to folks in New York, too. Pretty amazing that a big-budget team is as thin as it is in the minor leagues and even more amazing to see the Mets actually play short-handed in the bigs while waiting for injured players to come back. The one problem Just about every injury the Mets have had this year has landed players on the disabled list after they waited, waited, waited for the guy to come back. The latest was Tuesday’s news that Jose Reyes (calf) and Ryan Church (hamstring) were just not healthy enough to play after a few days of hemming and hawing and were thus going on the DL. Hence came the decision to call up Fernando Martinez from the Bisons. How many days were the Mets going to wait before deciding that Carlos Delgado’s hip just wasn’t going to get better and that he needed surgery Pretty amazing they would dawdle like they did–even making Delgado take a cross-country flight to San Francisco before finally getting him on the DL. For his part, Delgado isn’t sure he’s going to be back this season. “I can’t guarantee that,” Delgado told reporters Thursday at a Mets Foundation charity event. “But it looks like that’s going to be the case. The most important thing is to get better, get healthy, so that you can perform effectively, and that’s our goal. I think that’s going to happen sometime this year, but I can’t guarantee nothing.”
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