The Closer 2009: Baseball Superstar

The Closer

Baseball superstar Manny Ramirez tested positive for a banned substance and will be hit with a 50-game suspension.
Connecticut cops questioned the stalker wanted for gunning down a gorgeous Wesleyan coed minutes after shooting. A smiling Keifer Sutherland surrendered to police Thursday on charges he head-butted a fashion designer. The First Lady bonds with Elmo and rest of the gang. Rielle Hunter, ex-lover of John Edwards, will reportedly have a paternity test for her baby. Pageant spokesman Roger Neal told the AP that Carrie Prejean had “violated multiple items” in her contract. Skid hits 4 games as Bombers fall to Rays in extra innings at rain-soaked Stadium.
News You Can Use: What to do if your bank failed Fed’s “stress test.”

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