The Film Industry Cleans Up Its Act 2009: Reel Green

The film industry cleans up its act

Reel Green Panel EPIC Sustainable Living Expo Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre Saturday, 3 p.m.
Imagine a film set and you might picture idling trucks, throwaway sets made of metal and wood, plastic cutlery, photographic chemicals and the ubiquitous plastic drinking water bottles. Visit a real set today and you’ll see something quite different. After a century of stomping on the Earth with celluloid galoshes, evidence is growing that the film and television industry has turned over a new and greener leaf. The will is finally there for large entertainment companies to take the Earth into account and adopt sustainable practices, according to film production veteran Warren Carr, who will moderate a panel of industry players at EPIC, the Sustainable Living Expo this Saturday on the topic of the B.C. Film Commission’s Reel Green program.
Carr was the production manager for the locally shot feature film The Day the Earth Stood Still.

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