The Human Race 2009: Causes Represented

The Human Race

The causes represented were as unique and varied as the outfits donned to support them as loudly-dressed humans and dogs alike either ran or
walked from Alex Thomas Plaza to Todd Grove Park and back for the annual Human Race Saturday. Morgaine Colston, executive director of North Coast Opportunities, said last year’s event brought out 400 walkers, 60 runners and raised around $60,000. “This year promises to be even better,” she said. “We’ve got 33 teams and with all the walkers I expect it’ll be more this year.” Colston said the race was unique in that it was boosting a host of worthy causes simultaneously. “It’s a wonderful event,” she said. “Each team raises money for their organization. Individual walkers get to choose, so they give to their favorite charity or organization. It’s the largest collaborative fundraiser in the area.” Colston said the event took on special importance this year due to the recent deterioration of the economy. “It’s a chance for people to raise money for their
Adults weren’t the only ones to get in on the action, though. Children like Dominic and Isabella Anzilotti came out in force.

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