The Reliable Source Linda Sanchez Sidwell Auction Helen Thomas 2009: Reliable Source

The Reliable Source Linda Sanchez Sidwell Auction Helen Thomas

Reliable Source columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts will be online Wednesday, April 29, at Noon ET.
Today: When pundits attack! Linda Sanchez — not the unwed congressmom after all. Bo who — check out Champ. Obamas make their Sidwell auction debut. Helen Thomas’s favorites and not-so favorites. Dev [hearts] Freida, says Dev’s mom. Gorgeous Spanish royalty moving here. And Trump promises the best golfing on the planet in Loudoun County. ____________________ Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone. We can talk about all of the above. Note too, late add to today’s lineup — SJP having twins, courtesy of a surrogate. And of course if anyone from Bishop Ireton is sneaking some chat time during their study hall, we’d love to hear your thoughts about Taylor Swift — and our web folks have video of her performance to share, if you care. Or, of course, susanboylesusanboylesusanboyle. Just kidding — so tired of that story. _______________________ Amy Argetsinger: Every guy is fascinated with Russian women. And sadly, he can afford this mid-life crisis. _______________________
Washington, D.C.: It’s tenuous, but here goes.

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