Thumbelina Children’s Tour

The world’s smallest horse, will take a Thumbelina Children’s Tour of the US for charity

I’ve seen dogs as big as horses, but a horse as small as a dog is something endearingly different. This world record breaking horsehas planned a Thumbelina Children’s Tour this year to raise money for charity.
The Chestnut Mare is officially the world’s smallest horse born on May 1, 2001, standing 17″ tall and weighing more than a small child, but less than your average supermodel, 26kg or 57 pounds.
And her mission is to raise $1 million for charities this year, by touring where she will be most loved and welcomed, at schools, children’s hospitals, fairs, summer camps, horse shows and other charity fundraising events.
She has already managed to raise $10 000 since having the official title of world’s smallest horse bestowed upon her by the Guinness Book of Records gang, which they will publish in the official book later on in the year.
Her owner, who runs the miniature horse ranch Goose Creek Farms, would usually have put the little filly in shows and competitions but realized that her uniqueness would be better served in serving others.
The Thumbelina Children’s Tour will be visiting 48 of America’s 50 states through April and May, ending in June.

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