Tiger Woods Already Tested Twice For Drugs 2009: Ponte Vedra

Tiger Woods already tested twice for drugs

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida: Tiger Woods says he has been tested twice for drugs under the U.S.
PGA Tour’s anti-doping policy, including one time when he wasn’t even playing. The drug testing program began on July 1, a week after Woods had knee surgery that kept him out of golf until late February. Asked the first time he was tested, Woods said it was in December at the Chevron World Challenge in California, the charity event he hosts at the end of the year. It was his first public appearance at any golf tournament since knee surgery. Woods laughed at the coincidence of his first test. The tour reserves the right to test any member out of competition, and Woods was asked at his press conference that day in December whether the tour had ever come to his house for a drug test. “No,” he said. Asked if he was expecting a visit during his time off, Woods replied, “Yeah, actually.”
“Right after I got done telling you guys that, they were waiting for me,” he said on Thursday.

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