To Carlos Delgado Returning To Mets Lineup This Season Is No 2009: Mets Void

To Carlos Delgado returning to Mets lineup this season is no

The Mets must fill the void left at first base by Carlos Delgado’s injury.
With Carlos Delgado saying he can’t guarantee returning this season, what should the Mets do about first base The suit wore Thursday night was a stylish shade of gray. His teammates would prefer to see him in orange and blue in the coming weeks, but Delgado himself declared Thursday night: Don’t count on it. And asked if he could be certain that he’ll return to the Mets at some point during the 2009 season, Delgado said: “I can’t guarantee that. But it looks that that’s going to be the case. The most important thing is to get better, get healthy, that you can perform effectively, and that’s our goal. “I think that’s going to happen sometime this year, but I can’t guarantee nothing.” – who met with Delgado when the Mets’ home stand began on Monday and said he thought the slugger’s progress “is impressive” – backed his first-base platoon and lobbied for Minaya to stand pat. “I feel very comfortable and confident with the people that we have,” the manager said at the third annual “Teammates in the Community” event. “I don’t see (a trade) as happening right now, especially if we continue to win. If you’re winning and you try to perfect something that doesn’t need to be, then a lot of times that becomes unsettling, and then people begin to not focus on what they need to.”
Delgado last played on May 10 and had the surgery on his right side on May 19. He said he began rehab on Saturday that consists of “pretty light stuff, what the doctor ordered – so far, so good.”

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