Tour de Cure 2023: Ride for Life, Ignite Hope, and Fuel the Cure Against Cancer!

Get on your bike, chase the cure, and conquer cancer’s route! Together, we ride to triumph!

In the relentless pursuit of scientific progress, researchers and medical professionals worldwide embark on a shared mission – to find a cure for cancer. This formidable disease, affecting millions of lives each year, remains one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Fueled by unwavering dedication and cutting-edge technology, the global scientific community leaves no stone unturned in unraveling cancer’s complexities. From innovative therapies to groundbreaking discoveries in genomics and immunotherapies, each step taken in this arduous journey brings us closer to the day when cancer will be conquered. In this unwavering pursuit, hope is our guiding light, as we envision a future where cancer’s grip on humanity is forever vanquished.

In the crusade against cancer, organizations like the BC Cancer Foundation stand at the forefront of this battle, empowering groundbreaking research and patient care. With their relentless commitment to funding cutting-edge projects and advancements in cancer treatment, they embody the hope and determination needed to turn the tide against this devastating disease

In their unwavering efforts to further the fight against cancer, the BC Cancer Foundation is gearing up for their highly anticipated fundraising event, Tour De Cure 2023. This transformative cycling event unites passionate individuals from all walks of life, coming together to pedal for a common cause – a world free from the clutches of cancer. By participating in Tour De Cure 2023, supporters not only embrace the joy of cycling but also play a vital role in fueling groundbreaking research and providing crucial support to patients on their journey to recovery.


AUGUST 26-27, 2023
The Tour de Cure presented by Wheaton Precious Metals is B.C.’s largest cycling fundraiser powering leading cancer care innovation across the province through the BC Cancer Foundation.

It is a beyond epic, two-day event driven and defined by the over 2000 riders and volunteers who believe that real impact is just a challenge away.

This unforgettable experience is for every skill-level, every background and every motivation. Bring your creativity, passion and determination and join our community.

Register now to help build a world free from cancer.

Join the Tour De Cure 2023: Pedal with purpose, ignite hope, and fuel the cure for cancer! Ride for life!

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BC Cancer Foundation
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Cloverdale Fairgrounds
British Columbia
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